Character Building

This year, the PTO is sponsoring a Character Building program at Summer Street School. This initiative supports the goals outlined in the 2011/2012 Summer Street School Improvement plan. Our purpose is to build on concepts that were taught last spring in a pilot program across each grade. At each grade level, students were introduced to, and taught many different social skills including conflict resolution, how to tell the difference between normal peer conflict and bullying, and how to prevent bullying.

The consultant that has been hired for this effort, Ann Ozanian, M.Ed. will be working with each classroom throughout the year, focusing at each level on age-appropriate topics. She will also be reviewing Lynnfield’s system-wide policy against bullying to help our students clearly understand the consequences and seriousness of bullying behavior. Through the use of books, role play, and class discussion, the children will actively participate in preparing for social situations they may come across as they grow.

Click here to Open Early Skills Document: Social Skills

Click Here to open Intermediate Skills Document: Conflict Resolution

Click Here to Open Advanced Skills Document: What is Bullying